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What does FloridaCoinLaundryBroker.com offer?
We can be especially helpful in the sale of a coin laundry because we handle a wide variety of tasks including business valuation, advertising or marketing the business, prospect interviews, negotiation, due diligence interactions and other critical aspects of the sale.

Could you sell your business on your own, without the services of a business broker? Sure. But more often than not, successful business sales are accomplished with the assistance of a qualified intermediary.  With the difference between a successful business exit and a total disaster hanging in the balance, here are some of the questions coin laundry owners should ask when selecting a business broker:

What are the broker's qualifications?
Not only do we sell coin laundries, but Joshua Prager is a store owner also.  Currently he owns three stores in Broward County.  His expertise of store ownership helps prevent pitfalls in the sale of a store and provides great support to other owners in valuation of there stores.

How will you help prepare my business for sale?
We will evaluate your business for sale.  First, we will determine the value of your coin laundry.  Next, we will aid in staging your store to sell.  We will help in determining what is needed for you to receive top dollar for your coin laundry.  We will hold your hand through the entire transaction. For a free store analysis, please fill out this form.

How do you plan to market my business?
It takes skill to market a business to qualified prospects. Our proactive marketing approaches separate us from other brokers.  We have a database of serious buyers with cash in hand available for us to market.  As industry professionals, we have great relationships with coin laundry owners looking to expand their operations.  We also have numerous print and Web ads to reach prospective buyers.

How long does it usually take to sell a coin laundry?
The selling time for the average properly-priced coin laundry is between six and 12 months.  Our prospective buyer database allows us to market to our clients immediately after listing a coin laundry.  Therefore, we see results quicker than other firms.


We will be able to sell your coin laundry fast– and at a great price!


What is the value of my coin laundry?
Typically, a coin laundry is valued at 3-5 times the net profit depending on many factors.  Some factors include the length of the lease, condition of the equipment, and location.  For a free store analysis, please fill out this form.

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